Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

What would FALL be without a quick trip to the PUMPKIN PATCH?  It has become somewhat of a tradition to take the boys each year to the Pumpkin Patch nearby.  The boys have been invited to a Pumpkin Party on Friday and needed pumpkins to carve, so hubs and I figured this was the only night available to get pumpkins!!

pumpkin 001

It’s also a tradition to sit ‘em down and have their picture made.  It’s so sweet to look back on the last few years’ worth of pumpkin pictures and see how quickly they are growing up!

pumpkin 002

ALL sorts of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes!

pumpkin 003

Quite interesting, I might add.

pumpkin 004 

pumpkin 005

We ended up with a few pumpkins for decoration, 2 teeny tiny pumpkins for 2 sweet little girls that we’re going to see on Friday, and a pumpkin for each of the boys!




  1. Love to go to pumpkin patches!!! The boys are growing...

  2. I love a trip to the Pumkin Patch, too! They always make the best pictures! Love the one of the boys cheesing big time!!!
    Cant wait to see yall's pumpkin on Friday! :)

  3. I LOVE Pumpkins. The epitome of Fall. These are such cute pics, Charon

  4. Pumpkins patches are the best! We haven't taken Gus yet but I am ready to go. Can't wait to see you guys at the pumpkin party and to check out your pumpkins.

  5. That looks like so much fun, Charon! I am itching to take Allie to a pumpkin patch/corn maize near our house. I love that y'all are feeling the fall spirit!

  6. Awww cute pictures and how fun to do that with your boys. Enjoy the has been so nice lately. I am ready to put some pumpkins on my front porch.

  7. You are on the ball! I need to take ourselves to the pumpkin patch PRONTO so we have a pumpkin for tomorrow night! I'm so excited that you will be there with your boys so I can meet you in person!!! :)


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