Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Party

The boys were invited to a Pumpkin Party last Friday night by their sweet friends Annabelle and Allie Claire.  Annie and Carrie really outdid themselves with the decorations, and everything was so cute!  Perfect for a fall party!  We don’t really do the whole “Halloween” thing, so pumpkins, candy corn, and hayrides were right up our alley.

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My boys dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Bumblebee Transformer

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On the hayride, loaded up, and ready to go!

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We got to see the buffalo up close and personal!  My boys loved it!

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After the hayride, we all grabbed the pumpkins we brought to carve!  This was my FIRST experience carving a pumpkin!  And since mine turned out “special” it will probably be my LAST! ha-ha

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All the kids left with a special treat bag…..

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Our sweet friends that invited us to the great pumpkin party!

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We had such a great time and I was able to meet some great blog girls and reconnect with the blog girls I already knew!  What a fun time!!

Happy Fall Y’all!



  1. I noticed the shorts.....you definitely have different weather there than here in Wisconsin. We are already into jeans and jacket season....

  2. Great pics! And your punpkin was not "special" he was just toothless! Ha. Can u please email me the one of me,dw, and ab? We didn't take one on our camera so I don't have one! :)

  3. It was good to see you & your handsomes!! We had a great time too!

  4. Your boys' costumes look great!!!

  5. It was a fun time! Wish I would have been able to visit with you a little bit more but running after a 1 year old is so time consuming.

  6. Your boys are too cute in their costumes!

  7. Neat! Those little ladies really know how to put on a party!! Looks like you and your boys had a good time.

    I miss the days of my boys wearing costumes.
    Let's hope our Gators do better next weekend!

    Happy Fall!

  8. What a fun, fun, fun party!!!! I just found your sweet blog and I can't wait to read more! Hope you will come visit me at www.SouthernSomedays.com ! Happy Tuesday!!!


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