Thursday, November 17, 2011

Counting My Blessings

I've really tried to focus on Counting My Blessings this season and not get so caught up in the everyday stresses of life.  This is a test for me so I won't stress out so much and get the ugly "non-gratitude" attitude!

I have this little plaque hanging by my stove and it reminds me every day to Count My Blessings!

I didn't decorate for Fall this year, even though I LOVE Fall--I just didn't have the time (or energy for that matter).  I did manage to bring out my Fall plates though and use them a few times, which the boys loved!

I was reading a blog that I love a few months ago, and she did a wonderful post on Gratitude..... here's a blurb of what she wrote in the post.  I think she wrote it all just for ME.  ha-ha

"In the same breath that I complain I don't have enough time in this day, I am wishing for a different day, where I can add more to my to-do list.  I am rushing through my today so I can get to tomorrow.  What's the matter with me?!  Why can't I just be in the moment and enjoy it?

It has really made me start to question my level of gratitude.  I mean, of course I am grateful for my family and friends... grateful that we're all healthy... grateful for our home, etc.  But what about the little things?
Every moment on this earth is a chance to be grateful for something.  Why would we want to rush any season of our lives?
Yet we do.

Good things, no matter how small, are opportunities for us to be grateful. But so are bad things.  For every problem I have, there is someone who has a bigger one.  For each of my aches and pains, there is someone else who is hurting more.  Also?  With every problem there is an opportunity for me to learn something.  I need to be grateful for those moments. For each and every moment, really.

I think that when I forget to look at things through a lens of gratitude, my entire  world seems more chaotic and stressful than it really is."

I just loved all that "Viv" had to say in her post about Gratitude.  Hopefully, my "lens of gratitude" is clear, not only this season, but in ALL seasons.  Those seasons include times of sickness, health, plenty, want, stress, non-stress, rejoicing and sorrow!

Try Counting YOUR Blessings today (and every day).  It makes all the difference in the world.


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  1. I'm glad it spoke to you! Every day we should be grateful... even for the bad stuff. :)


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