Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Few Christmas Touches...

I've been working hard on putting some Christmas touches around the house this week.  So far, I've got the tree up and decorated and a few of my knick-knack type things out.  Last year, I only put up a few of our trees (I have multiple Christmas trees) and that was it.  This year, I decided that even though I don't have a lot of time (or energy), I'm decorating more than I did last year!

I just have a few Christmas touches throughout the house.......

A nightlight in the kitchen.....

A candle holder on the kitchen counter....

A few little things here and there....

 I love checking the mail this time of year--I always have at least one Christmas card a day!  I hung my Christmas card holder --now I'm just waiting to fill it up!
 Our stockings are hung....(and filled)
 My snowmen in the big windowsill of the living room...
Even my dining room has a few touches......these decorations will be used Sunday evening at my annual dinner party as centerpieces on the table.

Saving the best for last!  This is my nativity!  I just love it!  I bought it last year at Family Christian Bookstore.  I just love the little faces on the people....it's the only nativity I own and I hope I can keep it forever (without my boys trying to ride the camel or throw baby Jesus like a football--ha-ha).
All the decorations are nice, and you know how I love me some snowmen--but the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas is in this photo.  Christmas isn't Christmas without the birth of Jesus!  HE is the reason we celebrate the season!
And because he was born on Christmas Day--we have HOPE!



  1. So cute!! I love all the decorations!

  2. Love all of your decorations. I too have a love for snowmen.


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