Friday, December 16, 2011

School Parties

I still have one more day of DISNEY to recap, but wanted to share with you 2 adorable pictures of the boys at their school parties!

School is winding down for the semester and of course, it's parties galore (not really, they are still doing a significant amount of classroom work).

I was able to take off work and spend time with both boys in their classrooms yesterday at their Christmas parties.  I suppose the school would like me to say holiday party, but let's be realistic here--it's a Christmas party.

Carter and his wonderful teacher!  We nearly had to beg him with the world on a silver platter to stand there and have a picture made with her.....who knows why he was playing shy!

Nolan and his most wonderful teacher!  He of course, hammed it up for the camera!

Today is the last day of school until January and both boys were able to wear their pajamas to school!  What a wonderful thing!  I think it's great to offer fun things like this to the children in reward for working so hard for a semester!

Hoping you and yours are having a fantastic "winter" holiday!  It's hot and sunny here in Florida!


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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I can only imagine how excited the boys were to be wearing their jammies to school!!


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