Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Birthday ..........

Carter had a birthday last week.  Hard to believe he's SIX.  I think I might be getting old!  Yikes.

His party was at Chuck E Cheese and I have to say--it's worth EVERY penny!

More pictures to follow of Carter's big day, but here is the birthday boy with all his nice gifts from his friends.  (I decided to let him open his gifts at home so I could see what he was getting and we could focus on each gift rather than paper flying everywhere, etc. at the party).

We're so blessed to have wonderful friends and family to enjoy birthdays with!



  1. Happy Birthday Carter!! And Charon, you're not getting old (we're the same age and I refuse to say that I'm getting old)! ;)

  2. That is so smart to let him open gifts a home! Opening gifts at the party is so chaotic! Happy birthday Carter!


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