Monday, December 19, 2011

Nothin' beats a clean toilet

Do y'all recall that there is NOTHING I like better than a clean house??  (okay, well maybe Disney ranks up there with a clean house).....

We have horribly hard water here in the hills of nowhere.  It leaves awful rings in the toilets that I have (for years) been unable to get out.  Even after scrubbing with my favorite toilet cleaner and/or bleach, those nasty rings made a clean toilet look dirty!  UGH!

A friend of mine suggested trying a pumice stone.  I had not been able to find one, but one night while zipping down the cleaning products aisle, this just jumped out at me!

At $1.96 I figured I'd give it a shot.  It couldn''t hurt right?

Y'ALL.  It is the BEST thing since hair paste!  I LOVE THIS SCOURING STICK!  I thought it might scrape the ceramic, but it doesn't leave a single mark!  And it was so fun to use that I ended up cleaning 3 toilets in one night!

This is what the pumice stone looks was bigger than this, but I broke it when I opened the package.

I tackled my outside bathroom Saturday and took pictures so y'all would believe me when I say this thing is the BEST!

This is the before picture of the "ring around the toilet".

And after scrubbing with my newfound friend, here is the after!

NOTHING beats a clean toilet! 



  1. Awesome! I love that you've posted about your toilet, ha! Seriously though, I am going to get one of those to try!

  2. LOL Only you would post about your toilet, complete with pictures!


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