Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The oak is blooming here.  We have lots of trees around us.  We live on a farm.  That’s one of the worst things on earth for kids with allergies.

Unfortunately, both my boys have seasonal allergies.  This is QUITE expensive.  We go through one of these bottles a week!

You’ll notice this is the “off” brand—that’s because the real stuff cost(s) about $10 a bottle.  I only buy the real brand if I have a coupon.

our_days 003

I feel SO BAD for the boys because I really only have a slight allergy to pollen (although they should feel bad for me since I NEVER had allergies until after I had babies!) and they have TERRIBLE allergies.  The minute something starts blooming or falling from the trees, they both have yucky noses and watery eyes.

I’m sure hoping the “allergy” junk will be gone soon!



  1. We feel your pain over here too!

  2. I know how they feel! I've never really had allergies until this year. Now, I've been "sick" since Thanksgiving! Hopefully I'll find out soon exactly what is causing it and a better way in which to deal!


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