Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guess What Time It Is ????

Seeing these stacks of papers on my dining room table means only one thing….

tax_time 001

IT’S TAX TIME !!  (yuck).  Because we don’t pay quarterly taxes, ours are due by March 1 each year.  (actually I think it’s the 15th of March but I always tell hubby it’s March 1 so we make sure to have it all done).

It usually takes Cecil and I a solid week of sitting down for at least an hour a night to go through all our bills, invoices, and papers—to sort, stack, and distribute into categories (fuel, chemicals, seed, fertilizer, maintenance, etc.) to be able to give it to our accountant who in turn, prepares our not-so-easy tax return. 

Here’s one thing I definitely know:  These people get LOTS of our money every year!

tax_time 002

tax_time 003

tax_time 004

I’m off to work on taxes…..


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