Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Birthday In DISNEY

Hubby’s birthday was last week and we celebrated with a 3-day trip to our favorite place on earth—DISNEY!  Joining us on our trip were my in-laws—they love it as much as we do and go when they can!

Because hubby’s team had a game that Friday night, we were delayed going down and didn’t arrive until around 10:00 that night (yuk)!  Never fear though—my amazing in-laws picked the boys up from school that day and they headed in early afternoon to have some grandparent fun with the boys!

Saturday came fast and the boys got to see two characters from Monsters, Inc.!  These were two that we had never seen in all our previous trips!

disney_feb_2012_cecil_bday 005

On Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Animal Kingdom for a few hours of fun!  (and because my mother-in-law wanted to eat dinner at her favorite restaurant the Tusker House)

As always, our first stop is Kiliminjaro Safari!  And y’all!  This rhino was LITERALLY THIS CLOSE to our Jeep!  This picture is not zoomed at all.  We actually had to stop and wait for several minutes, as he was in the road blocking our path and at Disney, the animals have the right-of-way! 

disney_feb_2012_cecil_bday 037 disney_feb_2012_cecil_bday 041

My wonderful in-laws with the boys in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom.

disney_feb_2012_cecil_bday 048

Sunday morning came early, and we headed to eat some HOT beignets at the French Quarter!  YUM YUM YUM!
(We were staying at the Riverside, so it was only a 2 minute ride).

disney_feb_2012_cecil_bday 055

After our amazing breakfast, we went over to Epcot!  After riding Soarin’ and Test Track, the boys (the big ones) wanted to ride Mission Space.  Carter decided he was big stuff and wanted to go too.  This Mama was SCARED TO DEATH that he would HATE it.  Mind you, I will NOT go on it and don’t plan to.  No thank you! 

Grandaddy and Daddy said he did GREAT though!  He LOVED it!

disney_feb_2012_cecil_bday 057

What a wonderful, fun, birthday celebration at DISNEY we had!


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  1. We did have a good time, Charon, thanks for the kind words. You forgot to mention that it was colder than cold on Sunday. Yikes. Mimi


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