Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Disney {spring break}

My boys were on spring break last week and I knew I wanted to do something fun with them and yet I couldn't take too many days off work.  I decided that I would take them to our all-time FAVORITE place on earth.....DISNEY WORLD.  We can't get enough of it!  I knew it would be hot and crowded, but we just went into it with the attitude of we'll ride what we can when we can and we'll just enjoy our time here.

The boys and I left early Saturday morning so as to make the most of our 4 day trip!  (We came home Tuesday afternoon).  After checking in our hotel, we headed to Epcot so we could enjoy our favorite rides there!

Waiting for Test Track!  One of our favorite rides!
 The "globe" is one of Nolan's favorite things!  The boys enjoy riding by themselves on this.....
Each afternoon, we enjoyed just hanging out at our hotel and I let the boys swim and play.  It was GLORIOUS!

Sunday we decided to go to the Magic Kingdom and our cousins, J and M joined us.  They live in the Orlando area and love to enjoy Disney frequently!

One of the boys' favorites rides at the Magic Kingdom is the People Mover.  Nolan enjoys riding this by himself too!  Carter is not quite old enough to ride by himself, but his time is coming!

Insiders tip--some of the BEST pictures of Cinderella's Castle come from the People Mover!  If you'll get your camera ready, you can get some AMAZING shots!

After the People Mover came Buzz Lightyear!  Another family favorite! 

Would you believe in ALL the times we've been to Disney, neither of my boys have been called on to drive the boats on the Jungle Cruise?!?!?!?.  To Nolan's absolute delight, he was called on to "steer" the Jungle Cruise boat on this trip!! 

This picture is SO blurry, but he turned around for just a second --you can see the smile on his face though!

Parades are a MUST at Disney!

Our next few days were spent at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom!  I won't bore you with all those pictures, but suffice to say we had a BLAST!

Here's to another great DISNEY trip!  Hmm....I wonder when we can go back????


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  1. Kids LOVE the people mover!I discovered this on our last trip to Disney. :) Glad y'all had a great visit!


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