Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Baskets !! {a continuation of a tisket a tasket}

A tisket, a tasket, 6 great big Easter baskets!

I LOVE Easter!  If you've read my Easter posts before, then you know I love to put together Easter baskets!  I love going to church as a family, I love egg hunting and all the Easter traditions!   I especially love what Easter is REALLY about--HOPE and ETERNAL LIFE!

The Easter bunny showed up BIG at our house !!

Each of my boys get 3 baskets...now before you go a judgin' me....let it be known that I do NOT spend hardly any money on these baskets......I pick up things along and along for the baskets and add little things to make it look like a lot.

My FAVORITE basket this year was the baseball basket!!  Each of my boys got a pair of practice pants, Gatorade, baseball cards, a Snickers bar, jelly bean filled plastic baseball eggs, a new Red Sox shirt, and their favorite - EYEBLACK !  whoo hoo!  

Because we're at the baseball field (night and day, day and night), my boys are all too familiar with eye black.  Until now, we had not been able to find the non-sticker eyeblack, but I found it just in time for Easter! YAY!
In their other basket, they got new pencils, gum, drink pouches, bubbles, ring pops, fishing worms, etc.  Nothing big or fancy--

The boys' main baskets were nothing but candy!  YUMMY!

I'd say the boys had a great Easter!!!  Stay tuned for more Easter day fun!!



  1. When do you have time for a Blog? Hey, I guess my son must have seen your Easter Basket on my wall last night. He commented on how cool there were, with the eye black and all. I didn't get up to look at that moment, but now I see what he is talking about. Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those baskets are awesome!!! :))

  3. Such lucky boys you have. Hey maybe you could go into the Easter Basket filling business.(;


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