Monday, April 2, 2012

Organization: Pantry

You can imagine with two boys in the house my pantry NEEDS to be well stocked (and restocked often).  I am extremely blessed with not one, but two pantries but I hate it when my main pantry is a mess! 

I try to keep the items grouped together (i.e. chips in one section, cans in another) and I try and use what organizing products I already have (baskets, bowls, etc.)

 I stacked boxes and got rid of half empty ones too!  (Do your boys put almost empty boxes back in the pantry?  MINE DO)
 Here is an example of putting like with like and using baskets!  All my breakfast foods go on one shelf, snacks on another, etc.  My brother has a hay-day with my pantry whenever he comes over!  He'll turn my cans around and move boxes just to make me crazy!
How do you arrange your pantry?


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  1. I have NO pantry, but I wish I did! Can I come over and snack at your house? :) Yum


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