Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunting Easter Eggs

Yes--I'm still on Easter!  Yes--I know it was weeks ago, but I've been SO busy the last few weeks with BASEBALL that blogging has taken a back burner!

The boys LOVED their Easter baskets and all their goodies
After we did Easter baskets and enjoyed all the little gifts, we got dressed and went to church.  Our church choir always does a cantata (all singing) on Easter and it was BEAUTIFUL this year, as it is every year.  I actually had Bible Block (kids church) so I didn't get to go in the sanctuary, but Cecil did and I got a CD of it too.  After church, we ate with hubby's grandparents and family, then came back home for a nice, quiet afternoon.

We hid some Easter eggs and played in the yard and just really enjoyed our afternoon.

We are so blessed!


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