Friday, June 8, 2012

Best of the Best

A few weekends ago (when I was supposed to be at the beach but couldn't go because of the tropical storm) we loaded up the boys and drove about 3 hours south of home to see a big baseball game!

This was a game that had the top 80 high school baseball players in the state of Florida and was more of a showcase type game.  We had a friend playing in the game and we thought it would be relaxed enough for the boys to enjoy.  Not to mention that we had to do something since we weren't at the beach! ha!

 We were able to see some AMAZING pitching, fielding, and batting by 40 of the players!  Amazing baseball players for sure!
 The boys had fun watching the game up close beside the fence at the dugout level.  It was quite hot at the game so we spent some time in the covered stands as well as under a shade tree!

After the big game, we went to eat some good ol' bbq with our friends.  Their son (the baseball player) asked if I took my camera everywhere I went.  I think the fact that I had it in the restaurant was probably his answer.  HA!
The boys did great for the game to be so hot and we all had a fantastic time watching baseball!


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  1. Looks like fun! BTW why does it always seem to rain when a trip to the beach is in store :)


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