Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh The Places You'll Go.....

Graduation was a few weeks ago at our local high school.  We knew SEVERAL special people graduating and were fortunate enough to get a ticket to be able to see them.

It was a bittersweet time as several of the ones we knew graduating were moving on to "bigger and better" things.  (away from "home" and us!)

This sweet girl and I just got to know each other this year.  Her Mom is my oldest boy's teacher!  She is moving off and attending college on a softball scholarship!  EXCITING!  We are so proud of "K" and can't wait to see what God has in store for her!

This sweet thing is a girl that I used to babysit when she was THREE !!  Lawsie mercy these kids know how to make me feel OLD.  "K" went on vacation with us last year as a babysitter and did a fantastic job too!

And this young man, "M", is a special one too.  Cecil has been able to assistant coach him for the last 4 years on the baseball team and has just had a wonderful time getting to know him.  We are so thrilled for him, as he was drafted the morning of Graduation in the MLB draft to the Colorado Rockies !  We know God has great things in store for him and can't wait to see his career develop and unfold!

 After Graduation, we loaded up and went to Yamatos with the above young man as well as his parents, sister and her boyfriend, M's girlfriend, and his grandparents and uncle.  What a crowd we had!

 Dinner was delicious !!  I had forgotten how much I loved this place!
What a great night with great people!



  1. You took a babysitter on holiday? Brilliant! I wish I had thought to do that when my kids were really tiny ... and isn't graduation exciting? My son graduates from Grade 8 this week ... not quite the same as high school, but still exciting!

    1. Hi Laura,
      yes, we have taken a babysitter on vacation since my boys were itty bitty babies! It's a real blessing to be able to do that! Primarily it's because my husband could only ever come on half the vacation (a 2 week beach vacation) and I could not take both kids to the beach by myself!

  2. They grow up quickly, don't they! I can't get over that the first group I taught in 2 year old preschool will be Seniors in high school next fall!!

    1. Yes! And the sad part is, these aren't even my kids! But I do think of them as my own!

  3. I feel your pain Charon, I had a girl come and babysit the other day (she'll be a Sr next year) and I used to babysit her when she was a toddler!! Talk about feeling old...


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