Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swing Batter Batter.....

As evidenced by the baseball favicon I have as well as all the baseball stories I have, it's no secret I LOVE BASEBALL !!  My boys LOVE BASEBALL !!  My husband LOVES BASEBALL (and played in college) !  We have friends that play for minor league teams, friends that played in the majors, and friends that played college ball.  We're a baseball-lovin' family.

My boys had an AMAZING season this year on their 8U team !  We had a perfect season with no losses!  The 8U Red Sox were definitely "the team" to beat. 

 They really played well together as a team!

 It was so nice that Carter was able to play "up" this year rather than play t-ball.  He adjusted quite well to only be 6 and playing with mostly 8 year olds.

 My boys!!!
Go Red Sox !



  1. What fun! I remember when my brother played ball early on. It was so much fun to watch.


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