Monday, June 25, 2012

Money Monday {Rags?}

For this week’s Money Monday, I have more of a question for my readers.

When you clean do you use sponges/rags for most things and paper towels for the mirrors?



I’ve been reading A LOT online and on other blogs about people using microfiber cloths to clean hard surfaces (sinks, tubs, toilets, etc.) as well as mirrors.

I’m thinking the microfiber cloths might be the way to go and the thing for me to switch to since it seems more economical (thus the Money Monday topic) and you can wash them in the washing machine, etc.

What do you use and what do you think about microfiber cloths?



  1. I have been using microfiber for about 5 years now ... and I still have the originals from then. They aren't pretty, but they still work. I use a window microfiber cloth for mirrors and windows. The brand I really like is Norwex. They are from Norway, but I think you can get them all over the world. If you google it, you'll be able to find someone near you.

  2. Swear by microfiber rags! We picked up a huge set at Costco. They wash up great.

  3. Huh, I am so clueless...I had never heard of microfiber rags until reading your post, Charon. I just use sponges and paper towels.

    My momma uses my daddy's old white undershirts, which she rips up into rags, so I guess a sponge and paper towels IS a step up from that ;)

  4. Rags, rags, rags!!!! I for one CANNOT stand a sponge. I still use paper towles or coffee filters for my windows/mirrors.

  5. I use paper towel for everything! ;)

  6. Because my hubby us a mechanic, we always have"shop rags" hanging around and I use those to clean. :)


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