Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Epitome of a Redneck!

Last weekend, Cecil and I had the opportunity to be guests of Sprint (as in the Sprint Cup, Bud Shootout) in Daytona Beach. We were able to do this last year as well--I really enjoy going, but only 'cause I don't have to sit with the "regular folk" as I like to say.

Now listen, I'm as regular as they come, BUT there's just something about sitting next to some old man, whom I do not know, wearing a shirt with the arm holes cut out of them, as he drinks an Old Milwaukee (or worse). I've had to do that before too. (sit by the old man, not drink an Old Milwaukee--it still makes me shudder) (i.e. the EPITOME OF A REDNECK)

Anyhow, back to the main point. We had suite tickets, so we had to dress up (which I do enjoy too) and we got to go on a pit tour, to see the driver's cars, etc. It's so cool! Absolutely one of my favorite things to do! Sort of makes you feel important when you are wearing a badge and all dressed up and such, and people are watching you like you are someone important...HA! If they only knew Cecil was a farmer! hee-hee

We had a charter bus meet us in Gainesville to drive us to Daytona--that is great because it takes us right to the front of the Speedway and drops us off and then it's there when the race is over! The driver rolled out the red carpet for us too!

Here's a picture of me and Cecil as we got inside Daytona International Speedway--

During the pit tour, we get to see the driver's cars and take pictures, and walk around the pit area where they do work on the cars, see the driver's trailers, etc. During the tour, Sprint provides us with headphones so we can hear what the tour guide is saying to us. Here's Cecil and I during the tour-(for those that know me well, you know that I do NOT like to get my hair messed up, you'll notice I wore those crazy headphones down lower than most people!)

We had a great time! It stinks that my favorite driver (Dale, Jr.) did not win, but oh was so much fun!!


  1. Fun! You know Devin and his Daddy & brothers have gone to the 2125's (isnt that what the Thursday race is called?) for years... They also go to the Pepsi 400, (Firecracker 400, or WHATEVER that race is called.. the one on July 4th weekend)... and I have often laughed, because they just dont seem "redneck" enough to me to be Nascar fans... even still, we all gather around the TV on race day and cheer for our drivers... ahem, GO KYLE BUSCH! And as for that dang Dale, Jr... he's SOMETHING for sure--quite a stunt he pulled wrecking TEN guys including Kyle on Sunday... ohhhh, he makes me ill!!! Guess we're all more redneck than we think! ha... of course those Whitehurst boys sit with the "common folk", we arent like you high-rolling Benton's who get the red carpet treatment... hee hee... Glad yall had fun, its definately something I want to experience just one time to say I've been... Lauren says when we go, we have to do it up and get an RV and wear bikinis (I think she just wanted to see the look on my face when she suggested that)!!! NEVER gonna happen.... :)

  2. A red carpet and everything?! Wooo! I had no idea they had such luxury down at the races.

    I have just one comment, Charon, your hair looks amazing in the pictures. I don't think the typical rednecks at the races could claim such good hair!

  3. Well, at first glance, the red carpet looks like a red bath towel. Now THAT would be the epitome of a redneck!!!!
    Chris went to the Pepsi 400 in 2000 and then we've gone to the race in Vegas a couple of times.(The first time was 2 weeks after Dale Sr. died! Chris was not a happy camper.) It's not something that I would typically enjoy but I had a blast!!!
    I actually quite like sitting with the "regular folk". That's half the entertainment for me. It's like a train wreck. You can't help but look. I just stare in amazement that people actually leave their trailors like that! haha Chris likes to watch ME watch the people!!He says that's worth the price of admission! haha
    One day I want to go into the infield. I hear it's like a whole different world over there. I just have to get a WHOLE LOT BRAVER!
    I just read Annie's comment: she needs to gain about 200 lbs before she can get away with wearing a bikini in the infield. They don't allow half naked skinny girls in the infield! haha
    I still say:"Just cause they make it in your size, DOES NOT mean that you should always wear it in your size!"


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