Friday, February 27, 2009

Catchin' a Cure!

This past weekend at the baseball field, we had a great time "Catchin' a Cure for Breast Cancer!" Our high school boys really got into this and even wore pink shirts! (can you imagine?) They really did good with this and played great too!

I have to tell y'all a funny story though....apparently at a planning meeting for the event, someone came up with the idea of "Save Second Base" which I thought was HYSTERICAL!! I know....I know......that's why they didn't use it....cause they thought it might offend some people, but I don't care who you are--that's FUNNY! I completely understand why they went with "Catchin a Cure" but I still like "Save Second Base."

Here's a few pictures of the big event, which was a raving success!

The coaches and their wives; us girls really have a good time sitting by each other at the games!

Me and my best friend, Mandi (we do a lot together and the night before this, we went and had pedicures!)

Me and the hubby

I think the next time I see a Breast Cancer Awareness sign or pink ribbon, all I will do is smile and think to myself "Save Second Base."


  1. I've heard this before and thought it was hillarious. The big thing out here is "Save the Tatas!

  2. I know! I've heard that too--I really wanted a bumper sticker that said Save the Tatas, but couldn't see myself pulling up to the church parking lot with that on back window! HA!

  3. Too funny! I read the Levy County Journal's article on the game (they also had great pictures) and they made no mention of saving second base--shame.

  4. Feel Your Boobies is also a good one...but again, can't see putting it on my car!


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