Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weight Loss Woes

Weight Loss Woes....here we go again....another diet....(you do realize if you take off the "t" it becomes "die", right?)...precisely why I hate dieting!!

Such as it is though, it's a necessary evil for me. While I've used the whole "baby fat" excuse for several years now, it's time to give that one up. My youngest is 3. Sad, sad story. Maybe I could use "they were NINE POUND babies?" Nah...I tried that one too to no avail. It's time.

Wait!! I thought of a new excuse! "It runs in my family!" Yup. That's the one I'll use! No, wait. I've used that one too. (even though it really does run in my family)

In my family, we all have that little bit of extra to lose and are all always trying to get the weight off. I can remember my mama always being on a diet. Heaven knows that the woman had willpower though. Not me. That's one trait I did NOT inherit from my mother. The eyes? Yes. The skin? Yes. The tan? Yes. The teaching of Jesus, church and the Bible? Yes. Willpower? Absolutely NOT. I was skipped right over on the willpower gene. Not one iota of it (I love the word iota).

I am officially on a diet now--this is my second week. So far, so good. If I can just exercise regularly, I can do this! I find that when I get home, I'd rather sit and veg out than run a mile on the elliptical. Duh. Who wouldn't? Instead, I count laundry folding, chasing around 2 very active boys, cooking, cleaning and whatever else gets done as exercise. Is that cheating? Probably.

Here's to losing 50 LBS!!

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