Sunday, February 22, 2009

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Oh my heavens! My nightmare has materialized! My father-in-law bought my boys BB Guns! (and without asking me, might I add) Yes real ones! All I can think is "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!" (remember the old Christmas movie?)

Now listen--I have a GREAT father-in-law! He fixes things at my house, takes us places, would give someone the shirt off his back if they needed it, pays for things when we go on trips, cooks a mean fish chowder, and much much more--BUT--BB Guns? Are you serious? I about fainted!!

In his defense, I will say that he took them to his river house so the boys could shoot the water--AND he has told them all about the safety switch. My children are by no means strangers to firearms, if I told you how many we owned, you'd gasp! But still..the thought of my 5 and 3 year old boys having BB guns just worries me a little.....I'm waiting for the screaming and the sight of blood to happen.....did I mention the river house is AT LEAST an hour away from any major hospital? Might I reiterate to you "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"

Here's Carter aiming at who knows what......

And Nolan, who is getting the hang of cocking the gun and aiming!

On a positive note, at least they aren't pistols (the guns, not the kids)--then they really might shoot their eye out!

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  1. We got the girls BB guns for Christmas 2007. When Morgan opened hers she started crying and said, "You know I'm not allowed to play with guns." haha it was hilarious. We make them keeps them locked away with all of Daddy's guns. As far as they are concerned they are just as deadly as the ones he shoots.
    Preston got a toy gun that year. (I have an issue with toy guns. How do you teach a kid "Guns aren't toys." Then hand them a plastic gun that looks just like a real one and say,"Go play".- Lord knows I'm not gun shy, but that's just one of my personal hang-ups!) So, Preston has to keep his locked up too. He's only allowed to use it when Chris takes them shooting. He thinks it's real and I'm not gonna tell him any different! He still makes anything and everything he touches into a gun.


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