Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Sweet It be Loved by You!

Tonight, we had a GREAT supper! Cecil grilled steaks and I made twice baked potatoes (oh so yum!). This is what we had left of the potatoes after the BOYS and I ate them!

Speaking of BOYS, my blog name rang true tonight when there were FIVE boys at the house! Guess who was over tonight to eat? (yup, you guessed it--my "third" son and his friend) And merciful heavens can those boys eat!!?!! It's really giving me a glimpse of what my future grocery bills might be. Oh my. You see what is left of that steak that D. is eating? JUST THE BONE. I suppose I could look on the bright side and say that they cleaned up their plates? No leftovers, that's for sure!

I love my own two children to pieces--I adore them (well, most of the time anyway)--but the "third" son D. brought me something OH SO SWEET when he walked in tonight! (mind you I had just done a small load of his clothes, but I really didn't mind--I enjoy doing that for him)

D. brought me a Mother's Day card! Now that my friends just ranks right up there with buttercream icing, hair paste, and Spanx! D. wrote the nicest message inside the card (almost brought me to tears) and I can't wait to scrapbook the card with a picture of the two of us!
Suffice to say that when he graduates high school in a few weeks, I'll be right there next to his real Mama with tears runnin' down my face. (sniff, sniff) I guess I'll get good practice at that because my Nolan is graduating preschool in 2 weeks too! (DOUBLE sniff, sniff)

Just to set the record straight and since some of you have asked me who in the world this "third" son is--he plays(ed) baseball for WHS and since Cecil coached this year, he just sort of stuck on us and stayed at the house for about a week and a half when his parents were gone to Texas--then he kept coming back on the weekends and every now and then during the week....I don't mind a bit! He's got great, wonderful parents, but I'm so thankful he chose us to be his "other set"! WE LOVE YOU D!!! (and thanks for my Mother's Day card buddy)!

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You!



  1. Well, wow! I wish I had eaten supper at your house tonight! (Adam does too) Ha! How sweet that your adopted son thought to buy you a Mother's Day card. So thoughtful. I would say you raised him right, but you didn't raise scratch that! I can't wait to see pictures of Nolan's big graduation! Awww.

  2. ah-uh- the boy gave you a Mother's Day card? How sweet is that?


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