Monday, May 11, 2009

It's working!

Yahoo for me! I got my scanner to work! Can you believe that? I'm the most technologically challenged person there is and I got my printer reloaded and the scanner works! As promised, here are a few pics. of me and my mama. PLEASE keep in mind that these pics are VERY OLD. Very, very old.
Daddy, me, and Mama at high school graduation, 1998

Daddy, me, and Mama at Miss Williston 1997

Me and Mama at Miss Teen of Florida 1998

Did y'all have a good Mother's Day? Mine was nice. My mother-in-law had the boys Friday and Saturday night and Cecil and I went to his brother's house in St. Augustine Friday evening (after the WHS Baseball game). Cecil and Edward played golf Saturday morning and then went to TPC Sawgrass on Saturday afternoon while I went shopping all day on Saturday at the outlet mall! It was heaven on earth!!

Cecil got me 3 charms for my Pandora bracelet! Finally! I have some more charms!

That's all for now--I'll be postin' again soon (as soon as I have something to post about!)



  1. I loved this! I've never seen your Mama... Wow, there is no denying that you are her child. Such a resemblance! I see a lot of her in both the boys, too-- more Carter, though...
    You look great in all the pics, no matter how "old" they are! And your daddy- he hasnt changed a bit!!!

  2. You and Miss Kathy look soooo much alike. And watch how many "old"'s you put with that 1998 Graduation picture. haha


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