Friday, May 29, 2009

We Got a Package! and....kudos for good customer service!

We got a package, we got a package, we got a package, hey-hey-hey-hey....sounds like Annie's post huh?

I am ALL ABOUT a front door delivery from Big Brown (UPS!) Nevermind the fact that we're on a first name basis with our UPS man, he delivers things to my front door (even when we're not home), and lets my kids help him walk packages to the front door! That blessed saint even toted packages inside my house to my laundry room when I was pregnant! If that "ain't" service, then I don't know what is!

I know what you're thinking...WHAT was in the package? Patience, people, patience. If you know me, there's a story comin'.......

Recently, we were on a trip to Sam's and purchased one of our family's favorite things.....COTTON CANDY. I LOVE to get cotton candy at Sam's because they sell it in pre-packaged plastic containers. Normally, we only buy it when we are about to venture to Disney World, but on this night, I couldn't resist it. That pink and blue sugary goodness was calling my name, errrr, I mean the boys' names.

(story within a story)--if you are a frequent visitor of Disney, my suggestion is to purchase this cotton candy before you go there, stick it in your backpack, then whip it out during the parades....the kids think they have hit jackpot and you've saved MAJOR dollars by not purchasing the $6 bag from Disney. I say if Disney lets you take it in (and they do, trust me) then by all means, take it in and save that money!

Okay, back the rest of the story here.......anyhow, I get home and notice that one of the containers has a small hole in the side of it (eww) and there is about 1/4 of cotton candy in the package and it's hard as a rock. So....being the demander of customer service that I am, I promptly found the distributor on the Internet (thank you LORD for some Internet), and sent them a nice email asking about the QC on their cotton candy, etc etc etc......They did respond and said they would send me a replacement container of sugary goodness and guess what the package was????????

Yes ma'am, not one, but FOUR new containers of cotton candy! Bless 'em Lord for their customer service!!!! I'm tempted to give that as a praise on Sunday in Sunday School! HELLO! (I do believe I'm gettin' ready to have church right here in my computer chair!)

My other recent customer service experiences are as follows:

2 coupons for FREE Kid Cuisines since the last ones I bought were missing the sprinkles to the pudding. Can I tell you what sort of scene played out in my kitchen because one child had sprinkles and the other didn't? Yes, well. They didn't want to hear it either; hence the 2 coupons for free Kid Cuisines.

Kellogg's sent me a coupon for a free Kellogg's product because one package of Power Ranger chewy snacks we purchased was missing, shall we say, about half of its Power Rangers. I emailed Kellogg's and asked for a replacement and voila! A coupon arrived in my mailbox a few days later with a very nice note!

Some may think I'm crazy about this customer service thing, but hey--I'm spending my hard earned money and expect my money's worth! (if you think I'm bad, you should see my boss--he's the one I learned all this from!)

Here's to great customer service! (and the package that was left at the front door!)


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  1. oh my gosh.. i am laughing so hard at the thought of you on the phone with all these people... AND the fact that you were about to have church "right there in your computer chair" over your cotton candy! ha.... although I will say this-- a UPS man that brings your stuff to YOUR house & good customer service certainly deserves an "Amen!"!!! :) I do love me some cotton candy...


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