Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Turning the page of another chapter.....

Last night was graduation for the Class of 2009 at Williston High School. I was fortunate enough to score a ticket (wink, wink if you're readin' this Mrs. Warren)!

I'm NOT thrilled that they have our graduation at the Performing Arts Center in Gainesville (and that my friends, is the year's biggest understatement!). Anyhow--these kids, most of them anyhow, go to school in Williston their whole lives, then graduate in Gainesville? What, I ask, is wrong with the stadium? Isn't sitting on the football field in May, in Florida, in the sweltering heat, a rite of passage into adulthood? DUH! If they moved graduation to the Performing Arts Center to rid people "actin' a fool" it DIDN'T WORK! And, might I add, hasn't worked for years. Trust me. People hoop and holler at the stadium the same as they do in the nice Performing Arts Center. Anyhow, I'm getting off of that soapbox now.

Most of y'all know that my "third son" graduated last night! We're so proud of him and have thoroughly enjoyed watching him play ball, spend time with us, and grow into a wonderful young man. Damon, if you're reading this--know that we LOVE you so much, as if you were our own. Our door is always open to you (and you know the alarm code too!)

Here's a picture of Damon and I after graduation (and can I just please add that the youngin' stopped on his way OUT of the auditorium last night, right in the middle of Pomp and Circumstance and gave me a big fat hug?)......oh the joy!

We had a great time taking pictures and then we all loaded up and went to Miraku's to eat! Yum-o! It was delicious! Thanks very much Mr. D and Mrs. B!!! A few pictures for your viewing pleasure : )

All in all, it was a great night and brought back many memories of my own high school graduation (which I will say, was on the football field)!

Congratulations Damon! We are so looking forward to being a part of the next chapter of your life with you!



  1. I am so with you on the graduation location. Having walked the THS football field in my cap and gown, I can honestly say that it would have lacked quite a bit had the location been some big, unknown building in another town. Callahan schools graduate in the UNF gym in Jacksonville and that is huge, and cold as well! So I know what you mean.

  2. I've never understood the graduation thing being up there either... I agree about the "right of passage"! ha... hopefully you'll get that changed by the time your boys graduate and then we wont have to advocate for it when its Belle's turn! :)

  3. It could be worse. My little cousin (Uncle Norman's daughter) is graduating from Vanguard this year at the LIVESTOCK PAVILLION! Heaven help 'em if an auctioneer is in the audience when a fat girl walks across the stage! hahahahaha

  4. Alright ladies,

    I was Senior Class President, and I made the choice to have graduation at CPA. Graduation is a very formal ceremony, and WHS doesn't have many of these, and I believe that having it at the CPA was very smart to hold all the people there. Looking out from the stage, our 2 stadium stand would NOT have held all those people and their families. So that's why we have it at CPA, and we didn't have to clean up or set up! Thank You very much

  5. Well it sounds like there's pros and cons to both, just like everything! :) I heard you did a great job on your speech Tyler, and had to "wing it"!!! I was class president my sr. year and would have passed out had that happened! ha...


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