Friday, June 19, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there (not that any men are reading this, but I thought it sounded good as the first sentence of a new post ha!!)

I distinctly remember the day my hubby became a father (of course I do, I birthed those two HUGE and I mean HUGE babies!) Surprisingly enough, I was awake for it too! Oh how I wish Dr. B would've done a c-section OR done like the "old" days and just knocked me slap out for delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off on a tangent. Sorry. This was about the hubby, not me.

Cecil (that's the hubby) is a wonderful father to our two boys (and let me remind him right here and now that I DID want a girl, but it's his fault we didn't have one--that's a standing joke between us) He'll never live that one down. sigh. Anyhow.

Here's a picture of Cecil and the firstborn, Nolan........thanks to the non-digital age back in 2004 we have no digital pics of the first baby (I don't think so anyhow, cause I sure can't find 'em) so you get this nice scanned picture from a (gasp) film camera! It was taken the day we got home from the hospital.

and one of the hubby and his second son, Carter........(umm..and also the wife, since all the ones of just the daddy and son are already in a scrapbook that is 3 years behind) This was taken about 10 minutes after Carter was born.

Here's what I love about my hubby--

1. He is a hard worker. Who else in America wants to farm? Not many people enjoy being in the hot sun and working 365 days a year.

2. He is very patient with our kids. Something me and the Lord are working--umm...well, the Lord is working and I'm not. We'll leave it at that.

3. He knows all my "bad" habits (i.e. too much organization) and usually doesn't say a word.

4. He is a very giving person. I call him the Good Samaritan. Sometimes, he gives too much, but at least he'll be remembered for being a giving person.

Love you honey! and the boys do too...(ahem..and any little girls we might one day adopt).



  1. CUTE!!! It's good to have a great hubby!

  2. that is so sweet...

    What would we do without our wonderful guys?!

    By the way, now I'm singing the song, "Who's your daddy..."


  3. Oh... you organize too?? Yep, you and me.. sisters with different mamas! (grin)

    Love it!! Have a blessed day sweetie! :)


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