Sunday, June 7, 2009

A SPONTANEOUS weekend! (oh my)

WARNING: it's a LONG, LONG one. Trust me, keep reading.

Yes folks, you read that right. The title said SPONTANEOUS. Charon, the planner of ALL things did something so very spontaneous this weekend. Let me tell you about it..........(as if you didn't know there was a "story" coming....) (and NO! For those that don't know me, I NEVER do things that aren't extremely planned--it stresses me out bigtime!)

We are Disney passholders. We have the Florida Resident Seasonal Annual Passes. (say that 3x real fast). WE. LOVE. OUR. PASSES.!!! This past Saturday was the passholder only annual sale at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney. Since Cecil was working this weekend (it's still melon season), I was telling my mother-in-law on Friday afternoon about 2pm, that I wasn't going to be able to go to the big sale because Cecil wouldn't be home to watch the kids, etc. etc. etc.....she suggested that I just go down to Disney, stay the night there in a hotel next to Downtown Disney and then I would be there on Saturday morning when the sale started and I could shop to my heart's content. I seriously said to her "Are you kidding me? Have you lost your mind? I haven't packed, I haven't planned, I haven't (fill in the blank with whatever you choose)"

Mind you, one of our Vice-Presidents was standing in my office when all these shenanigans were going on and he said to me "oh come on Charon--do something spontaneous." I couldn't back down from a challenge could I? (even though it gave me heart palpitations and stressed me out to the point of needing a Xanex--which I didn't get by the way)

The MIL then emailed me a link to a hotel right next door to Downtown Disney and so I called the dear, sweet, husband, who was neck-high in watermelons and trying to talk to people who don't speak English (as if by talking louder they understand him or something) and said in my sweetest, most Southern voice..."honey, your mother suggested that I take the boys to Downtown Disney this weekend and stay in such and such hotel so that I could go to the sale tomorrow and we could get out of the house, yadda yadda yadda. What do you think?" and the dear, sweet, husband said..."sure, go for it--I won't be home anyhow, you might as well." Before I died of cardiac arrest, I asked him again just to make sure I heard him correctly. I did (hear him correctly that is).

So....Cecil went and picked up the kids from daycare, and I boogied home from Gainesville to pack and get things organized to be able to leave quickly! I called Cecil's cousin Jennifer to go with me and she was all for it, so she got off work that afternoon, ran home, packed and made it back to my house and we left the driveway at 5:15! After one dinner stop and one potty stop, we made it to the hotel at about 7:15 (yes, you read that right--if you take 429 to Disney, you get there in RECORD time--it's the best road ever!)

OH MY WORD. AS IF ME BEING SPONTANEOUS WASN'T ENOUGH, it was GAY days at the hotel. Talk about needing a Xanex. Garrett (my boss) and Janice B. (the MIL) see what you did to me by challenging me to do something spontaneous? Not only were there couples surrounding us, but I'm sure some of them thought I was of the "other" sexual orientation because another female was with me. Dear sweet heavens, I could have DIED right there.

Our bellhop was great even going so far as to tell us which part of the hotel you could see all the fireworks from, so on Friday night, we went out and watched the Epcot fireworks!

Here's another thing--my kids went to bed at 9:30 on Friday night. YES--that IS a big deal. My kids are ALWAYS in bed by 8pm--without fail. It was a HUGE deal for me to let them stay up until 9:30 (both nights).

Saturday morning, we got up and had character breakfast at our hotel with Goofy and Pluto. The kids had a blast and G&P spent tons of time at our table because we were just about the only ones there and they just kept hanging out with the boys! It was great!

When I came back from shopping, we donned bathing suits and went to the awesome pool the hotel had to let the boys work off some energy! They had a great time swimming and playing in the kiddie area and Nolan had a great time swimming across the pool like Michael Phelps (without the drugs of course).

After naptime, it was off to Downtown Disney for some browsing and eating dinner at the Rainforest Cafe! There was a little train there and the boys had a blast riding in the engine (Uncle Edward, take note, they'll need a job one day with CSX)

Sunday morning, we got up early, and headed back for church. All in all, it was a great weekend and.....I survived--even if it was SPONTANEOUS.



  1. what a fun weekend for the boys! Those are the things that they'll remember for ever... They'll remember that time that their momma did something so unlike herself, for them!!! The pictures are great and its obvious they had a blast!

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time! I'm proud of you for stepping outside the box! So what all did you find at the downtown Disney sale?

  3. Good Lord, Charon! Unplanned trips, stayin up all night, and GAY DAYS......your boys will be scarred for life! hahahahahahahahaha
    See...being a little spontanious won't kill you! I'll do a post later to tell you about my weekend!


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