Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Going Back In Time.....

Yes, I'm going back in time....I have some really cute pictures from Memorial Day! I never got to post them because we were so busy the last few weeks (watermelon season) and trips to Disney took over!

For Memorial Day, we loaded up and went over to my dad's house for some BBQ and swimming. My brother, S-I-L, and nieces were there too. The "girls" took the "boys" swimming while the two aunts looked's what we captured........and all I can say is "OH MY"

Nolan swims like a fish, so he plays with Kailey who is close to his age and Taylor, who is 13 definitely swims like a fish (and, might I add, in a few years will be SWEET BABYSITTING AGE!), and she likes to play with Carter....they get along really well! Secretly, I think Carter likes it that she will hold him and love him and squeeze him, etc. etc. etc. (read: SPOIL him)

My brother loves to grill and create new recipes and my SIL is great in the kitchen--we all get along well! I can't wait for the beach! (that will be lots of posts in the next month!) The SIL and I do family supper every night! It's great! Okay. Sorry. Sidetracked again. Back on track now.

Here's the Brother and S-I-L--

And my dad...doing what he does best....checking on things that are grilling.

We had great food, good times and a wonderful day together! Now, dearest brother of mine. What do you have to say about that? : )


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