Tuesday, June 23, 2009

..Something Bit Me!...

"Something bit me"...Y'all know that part in Forrest Gump when Tom Hanks is running and he says in that extremely deep southern Alabama voice.."something bit me"...well, I have a confession...SOMETHING BIT ME YESTERDAY.

Y'all KNOW how obsessed I am with cleaning and organization right? (Lemonade Makin' Mama--I know you are too!)...That's right. "IT" bit me. THE organization bug. He came out of hiding (who says you actually have to spring clean in the spring?) and now, I'm on a mission to clean out the office.

Here's where I started. The yucky file cabinets. Inside these two drawers are bank statements, EOB's, credit card statements, repair statements, etc. etc. etc. You know, receipts and misc items from an entire year. I'm working on cleaning out all the 2008 stuff so I can actually fit the 2009 stuff in. I know, it's halfway through 2009. Don't remind me.

Here's the pile I've cleaned out so far from these two drawers:

I think I'll do my media section next (yeah, she could use some TLC). I need to go through and just organize and straighten the movies and such here. What I really need to do is figure out which DVDs are scratched and get rid of them. Anyone out there have time to watch a few hundred kids DVDs and figure out if they're scratched or not? I didn't think so.

Then, off to the desk area. It could really use some lovin. I worked on it a few weeks ago but didn't make it very far.

Books. Yeah. I LOVE to read! I do NOT get rid of books. EVER. Hence the reason I still have books from when I was my kids' age. Seriously though. The books on these shelves need to be stacked a little neater. This is only one area of books. If I had a panoramic camera, then you'd be able to see all the books.

And finally...dum.dum.dum....the business basket. Yup. Right there in that glorious Longaberger basket is where all of the Benton Farms receipts, bills, income and expense sheets are. They just need to be logged and filed. Yeah. That's why I saved it for last. You would too.

Anybody else out there get bit by the cleaning bug lately? I'll be sure to post the "after pictures" whenever that may be.



  1. No, I don't have that problem. I just have the "I'm moving why bother" bug right now! Acually I have about 10 HUGE garbage bags full of "trash" sitting in my garage right now. I've been going through all of my kids clothes, toys, etc. and getting rid of EVERYTHING that I either don't like or doesn't fit, or is stained....you get the idea.
    By the BY... love the Longaberger!!! hehe

  2. YES! YES! YES!

    Talk to me sweet woman... you got bit by my organizational bug!! Hee, hee.

    LOVE it.

  3. Oh Charon... I just love you girl. I just about died laughing just now when I read your comment. TAN FAT? You are too much fun... And I bet you're a blast in real life as well! Ha ha!

    Thanks for keeping me laughing today...

  4. Oh, I definitely got the cleaning/organization bug after the wedding. We brought in all our new gifts and gave away all the old stuff. Jim's cousin who's going to college this fall loved us and so did Goodwill!

  5. Okay, scheduling a post:

    After you have written it, and before you click "Publish" you click on "Posting options" at the bottom left corner. It opens up a little box that has "Post date and time" on the right, and you just change the date to whenever you want it to post, and the time to whatever time you like, then hit "Publish" and it will say, "Your post will be published on ____________(date and time)" And it's that easy. Stupid easy. :)



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