Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh Brother!

Today, as Cecil and I were sitting down to eat lunch we looked outside the dining room windows and what do we see?

...two little brothers playing happy as can be! (please do ignore the freshly cut grass that was NOT weed-eated--is that a word? behind the slide)

It's not often that we don't hear one of the boys crying or saying "no, don't do that" or "stop it" or "mama, such and such did this..." UGH.. makes my nerves crawl! I suppose they'll grow out of it soon enough though (I hope?) I mean, seriously. Can't we all just get along? I'm sure they want to throw back at me that "oh mother--that would simply be to easy." HA!

Back to the story. The boys were having themselves a ball making their Tonka trucks slide down the slide and then sliding down after them. Why use the ladder when you can climb back up the slide? sigh. Boys. And by the way, no those limb "things" hanging down are NOT for the Tarzans I call my children, rather they are aggravating limb-type things that need to be pulled out of the tree (hint-hint Cecil).

On to the trampoline......good times, good times.

After all that, they needed baths and a nap! Ah....peace be still. Well, for a few minutes anyway...the oldest boy rarely takes a nap anymore--usually he'll play his computer or watch a movie (but for the life of him, he cannot be quiet, so we have to move him to the other side of the house).

We're still working on cleaning the house....I promise, the "after" pictures of the office should be here soon. I've been working hard today on the office AND the house. Whew! I'm exhausted and in need of some pool time. Maybe it won't rain anymore today (it rained here this morning) and I can lay out for a bit before becoming Cinderella again (cinderelli-cinderelli--night and day it's cinderelli-clean the dishes, mop the floors, etc.) you get the idea......

Have a good weekend!


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