Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preschool Graduation!

Sniff, sniff...my baby is a GRADUATE! of preschool that is..........Tonight was Nolan's preschool graduation and all the little children did SO GOOD. They did the pledge, sang a song and did sign language to the song (One Small Voice). They were TOO cute!

Here's our little "almost" Kindergartener!

Of course I had to get pictures of Nolan and his little friend Coye. Coye's mama is the girl who cuts my hair, and she and I grew up together too! We are so excited that our boys will be in school together and can't wait for them to grow up together and do "boy" stuff! We're already cringing at our grocery bills! We both have 2 boys at home!

Nolan (and Coye) have the best teacher in the whole world (Annie--if you were his teacher, you'd be the best teacher in the whole world too!--there's still hope you'll make it to JBES for Nolan's first 3 years.... : ) Their teacher is so good with kids (bless her heart, I don't know how she does it day in and day out) and she truly loves enriching their lives. Mrs. Lisa, as the kids affectionately call her, teaches outside the box and does LOTS of hands on activities!

Nolan has so many people that love him--here are a few that came to support him (I didn't get a picture with his other 2 aunts that were there)

Nolan and "Uncle" Travis

Nolan and "Aunt" Cori

Nolan with Mimi and Grandaddy

Nolan with his "big brother" Damon

Nolan with Mama and Daddy!
(the story behind this picture is that we didn't get one at the actual ceremony--we went to Damon's house afterward and he took this picture for us)

Even though I'm sad that my "baby" is done with preschool, I'm SO EXCITED for him to turn the page of a new chapter in the book of life and start KINDERGARTEN!

Mama and Daddy love you to the moon and back, Nolan Sapp Benton!



  1. Cute! You're gonna have to beat girs off with a stick one day!
    My baby baby graduates pre-school next year. Sad!

  2. SO sweet! I cant believe Nolan is going to Kindergarten! He was like 6 weeks old the first time I met him (@ Megan's shower)... Time flies...

  3. I can't believe how much Nolan looks like Mr. Benton (Grandaddy) in that picture!!!

  4. Congrats! Congrats to Nolan. He is one handsome boy and could I just say, he has quite a following! What a special night for y'all, Charon.

  5. Next thing you know he'll be graduating from high school. He and his brother are good little boys!


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