Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a LOT like..........


Cecil's watermelon broker came by today with good news about our melons AND a melon for us! Wasn't that great? As soon as Cecil came in the door with this priceless gem my boys and their cousin, K. were ALL over it (as evidenced by the pictures below)!!

Yummy! My kids LOVE them some watermelon (good thing too, since that's what pays the mortgage)!!

On the "kids" note...guess who we had back with us this weekend? Here's D. going inside the house after helping the little ones get situated on the concrete pad with their spoons!

Speaking of kids.....can I PLEASE just brag a little bit on my oldest? His Pre-K year is drawing to a close and look at this selection of work that was sent home with him Friday from school!

His writing has improved SO much this year (okay, it has improved SO much only because going in, he could only write a little bit, and now...LOOK! He can write WORDS!) He also started reading short sentences back in April! How exciting! I'm hoping he LOVES books like I do! Books open up a whole new world!

Other than cleaning up a little, having my niece over for the weekend, and eating some watermelon, our weekend was rather quiet......OH WAIT! I forgot to tell you...Nolan was jumping on his bed Friday afternoon, (no, I didn't know this until he came in the kitchen screaming and holding his head) and I was in the kitchen cooking supper--anyhow--he was SCREAMING and kept saying "it hurts, it hurts!" I could only imagine the worse, but seeing no evidence of what "hurt" I said "you're okay--go play!" And then....(Dum..Dum..Dum)..he removed his hand from his head--BLOOD EVERYWHERE. You know how much your head bleeds anyways, so mixed with his drama, it was bad. I was convinced he needed a butterfly stitch in the side of his head, but Cecil (who was pulling in the driveway at the time) said no...and Lord knows Cecil would know, cause he's a medical student's dream! He's had pins, rods, fractures, broken eye sockets, and all kinds of other goings on through the years!

Now that we've got all that drama out of the way, I hope you had a great weekend!



  1. I miss real watermelons. There's nothing better than busting one on the ground eating the heart and leaving the rest for the cows.... People out here act like it's not watermelon unless it's cut into perfect bite size pieces or balls. What the heck??? I'd never had a frickin melon ball until I moved out here. haha Also, I can't convince these people that WATERMELONS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE SEEDS! They will not kill you. God put them in there to give kids something to spit at each other.
    The ones we have out here were all picked 2 or 3 weeks ago plus they cost about $1/pound! I REFUSE to pay that for a watermelon. It just goes against my core beliefs haha
    (sigh) I guess it's true that you can take the girl outta the country but you can't take country outta the girl!

    I think you've inspired a blog entry! lol

  2. Oh my, first of all is Nolan ok? What was it?! Oh the suspense...

    I, too, love me some watermelon! I might have wrestled one of those spoons away from your boys had I been at your house. Ha! The picture of them eating their first watermelon of the year is so cute!

  3. Look at that writing! Good for Nolan! He's going to do great in Kindergarten... cant believe he's really going THIS year! Wow... Cute watermelon pics... I am hoping to find one big enough to carve out the middle and take pics of Belle in it! :)


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