Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend Fun (or something kind of like that)

I seem to be getting farther and farther behind in my postings here lately......I get caught up (sort of) and then two or three events happen and I never get the chance to blog about them. Maybe I'll title next week's posts "Back in Time"...ha!

On Friday afternoon, I was sitting at work thinking, "I wish we could do something fun this weekend".....lo and behold my phone rang and it was the hubby announcing he was officially done loading melons and he wanted to do something fun too--or go somewhere. Since I've known him longer than I haven't (uh--that's a long time!), I KNEW he was going to suggest going to his family's river house on the Suwannee. This was so NOT my idea of FUN! Since it was Father's Day weekend, I conceded and decided I would go with him to the river house. As soon as I got home from work on Friday, we were packed and ready to go.......

As soon as we got to the river house, the boys were ready to swim!

This is Nolan, climbing a tree to jump down into the great unknown.......

Sorry for the blurry picture--I had my camera on the wrong setting, but you CAN tell it's one of my monkeys swinging into the water!
We had a lot of fun on Saturday riding in the boat.....
And the hubs and I took a ride on this.........probably my favorite thing to do at the river....

The boys also had fun trying to catch minnows and just playing in the water.

We didn't do a whole lot else at the river, but sit around and eat, fish, swim, etc. but it was nice and relaxing!!! (and in the hubs words, fun).

On Sunday evening the boys asked if they could start a fire outside and roast marshmallows. Mind you, I have NO IDEA where on earth they got this idea from, because 1. I'm not sure they've ever roasted marshmallows and 2. Their mother does NOT do "outdoorsy" type things. Especially not in 100 degree heat!

Additionally, I don't do many spontaneous type things....I was cleaning house and that was that. It finally hit me this afternoon that no one in 15 years is going to care that my house wasn't perfect--my kids wanted to make memories NOW. They will NEVER remember that my house wasn't clean when they were 6 and 4. They WILL remember that I always said "NO" to fun things because I was too busy. I put down the vacuum and headed outside.

They lit the fire and waited....waited....waited....

Finally, it was time for roasting! Never one to let the party get boring, I decided S'Mores would be perfect!

Carter enjoying the fruits of our labor.....ha!

Happy Father's Day!! ( I do believe he's giving me the stink eye, Carrie!)


  1. DANG, Cecil! That is soooo the stink eye and why?! You went to the river and did all sorts of outdoor-sy stuff! I was just reading this thinkin' how proud I am of you and then, Wam! Cecil and the stink eye. Yikes!

  2. Yay for you, Charon! You get good wife points and good momma points for this one for sure! :) you are SO right about the kids remembering that perspective, and I agree, I want my kids to remember momma being fun and doing stuff with them, not that I was always cleaning or having to do something else... :)

  3. ps- that is NOT the stink eye... I almost see a smile! :)

  4. Definitely not the stink eye.. From what I remember, when Cecil gives the stink eye, there's no mistaking it!!! lol Girl, I went TENT camping this weekend.... heaven help me!!!!

  5. Hi Charon,
    Great pics...looks like everyone had fun. You are making me want a smore. I love me a good roasted marshmallow. I think it's cute you're not outdoorsy. I'm not much either. Having a firepit is pushing the limits;)

  6. Looks like a great Father's Day!!



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