Monday, June 28, 2010

Kitchen Changes…

No.  We are not remodeling our kitchen.  Our house is only a few years old—it’s not quite time for that yet, ha-ha!  I have however, seen some really cool things in other people’s kitchens lately though……! : )

I have this alcove in my breakfast nook that I love, but is not functional right now…I’m using it for some cute antique decorations but I have great visions for this alcove in the future!

decorating 001

One day, when I’m off my desktop computer kick and decide to go back to a laptop, I want to put my laptop here (or maybe I’ll keep my desktop and just buy a new laptop for this space?) so I can check emails and do “bloggy” stuff while cooking dinner rather than running back and forth between the office and the kitchen.  My immediate plans for this space are to move my bills and miscellaneous basket to it so I can clear off some of my kitchen counter!

I decided to move all the stuff you see above out of the alcove and onto the top of my kitchen cabinets.


decorating 002


decorating 005

decorating 006

I don’t know why I love antiques so much, but I do!  I love old cans, bottles, tins, crates, beaters, signs, etc.  Suffice to say I am loving the walls of Cracker Barrel!!

decorating 007

I still have some work to do on the cabinets, and I need to get a few more things to put on top of them, but for now, they are at least decorated and I’m feeling good about cleaning out that non-functional alcove to make it functional!  (The tops of my other cabinets are decorated similarly to the above, so I didn’t feel the need to show you all of them…….)

I have an open ended cabinet on the edge of one set of my cabinets (you can kind of see it in the picture above), but here’s a close-up of what I added in one section of it….it’s an old sifter, beater, and measuring cup (I think).

decorating 008

I almost forgot!  I had forgotten I had this old milk bottle in the alcove!  I can’t wait to do something special with it!

decorating 004

Not too many changes in the kitchen, but enough to make me feel good about making things functional!  I’ll have to show you more pictures when I get the stuff from the counter moved to the alcove!  I’m very excited!


  1. oh this post reminded me that I was going to take everything out of my cabinents, clean, and rearrange...booo...haha!! Looks good Charon!

  2. looks good! its always fun to re-arrange! :)

  3. Charon - I like the change - I've always had some type of display on top of my kitchen cabinets (can you believe it used to highlight Longaberger baskets??). You did a great job.

  4. That milk bottle needs some flowers in it! One of my absolute favorite "vases" in the house is a mason perfect for summer flowers!


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