Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I've been remiss in posting about the baseball banquet held a few weeks ago to honor the baseball team at the high school. Since hubby is an Assistant Coach we attend and get to share in the team's special night.

Hubby LOVES baseball. LOVES IT LOVES IT LOVES IT. Me? Not so much. I can do with or without it to be honest. I like to watch it and I enjoy going to the games, but the late nights he's out there with those kids as opposed to his own, and all the extra time that goes with it is just not for me. It just so happens that my best friend's husband is the Head Coach, so she and I get to vent to each other about "baseball wives stuff" and know what the other is going through! ha!
Our great and wonderful Coaches.........
This year, the guest speaker was Ed McPadden (sp?) who is now a 32 year coaching veteran as well as the Athletic Director for Marion County schools. When Hubby was in high school, he played against McPadden's team and McPadden did say he remembered Cecil......I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but either way--hubby was remembered, ha-ha.

Here is the hubs and one of the players.......whose family is also friends with ours and actually, related "down the line"...........an all-around good kid and very respectful.

Overall, a great ending to a good year of ball playing........and secretly, I'm glad it's over (shhh! don't tell!)



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