Friday, June 24, 2011

Disney Bucket

I talked about my new Disney Fund here, and wanted to show you what the actual bucket looked like AND give you a $$$ update on the fund!
I started with a clear paint bucket from Michaels (which I purchased months ago with a coupon of course).
june_2011 122
I had a sheet of Disney stickers and decided to use those around the bucket rather than paper because the paper was going to be too hard to cut and configure.
june_2011 124
I picked out the sticker strips I liked the most and stuck them to the bucket starting at the bottom……
june_2011 123

Then…the finished product!  We have $1.16 saved in our fund so far.
june_2011 125


  1. You can fit a lot of $ in that big to Disney you go!

  2. I'm sure that you will be headed to Disney soon, especially when you've got the incentive of such an inspiring bucket!!

  3. Love your Disney Bucket. I bought one of those buckets to make Buckets of Love for my kids for Valentine's Day. I ended up taking them back though, the lids wouldn't stay on and after I got home with them I noticed cracks in the side of one of them. I did find empty paint cans at Home Depot that I might get for next year. Can't wait to see how much $$ you put in your bucket each week! (:

  4. That's just cute. I've been meaning to write about having a bucket fund. It's such a good idea.

  5. Love the bucket idea. I need to start one of these soon. We have talked about that being our Christmas gift.

  6. Saw your comments at the Everything Walt Disney World site and had to come over and see your Disney Bucket. Great idea! May the loot soon be overflowing its rim. :)

  7. Great idea about the Disney bucket!!! I just needed a watermelon to finish off my fried food!!!!

  8. LOVE this idea Charon!! You are so cute!


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