Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Disney Fund

Many of you know our quest this past year was to get out of as much DEBT as possible.  We've scrimped and saved and aren't NEARLY debt-free, but we are sure working on it!  I have a blog post planned for September and the numbers I'll be able to share with you are astounding!

Many of you also know one of my favorite places on earth happens to be Disney as evidenced by my past posts here, here, and here.   (There were other posts about Disney but I was too lazy to keep going backwards to find them! ha-ha)

Due to our "debt-free" motto, we decided to let our Disney passes expire back in January as one way to save money.  It has been SO HARD not to get on Disney's website and purchase those annual passes (this is the first time in over 3 years we've been without passes), but I know we will enjoy our time at Disney so much more when we can go debt-free!

All of the above leads me to my solution for Disney debt-free!  We started a Disney fund.  I saw this idea on several Disney blogs I read and decided it was high-time I start one myself.  So far......hold on to your seat.....we have a whopping three cents (that would be 3 pennies) in our fund.  I told you to hold on.  Now you can stop laughing.  hahahahahahaha!

I should let you know that we only officially started the fund a few days ago, but I plan to give you regular updates on our growing Disney fund!  My plan is to put spare change (money I find in the washing machine) and/or non-expected money into the fund.  For example, Cecil got a $20 Sports Authority gift card in the mail for Father's Day and the boys and I spent 19.97; they gave me change of .03 so that's where the three cents in our fund came from.  If I clean out my car and find change on the floor, it will go in the Disney fund.  So on and so forth.

Do YOU have a fund set up for something fun?



  1. I can't wait to see how you do!!

  2. I do this and love it! from January to May I throw change in for summer fun and from May to December i use it for Christmas. I am sure people laugh when I tell them but hey it works!!

  3. I have one for Black Friday. It's my 1st year doing it but I have a big tumbler (cup) filled so far.

  4. i m eagerly waiting for this...

  5. We don't have a fund, but we sure need a vacation fund! Maybe I can start one now...even if it's with only 3 cents:)

  6. This is great! We just finished Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and are on our way to getting my car paid off. All we will have left will be our house, and although I doubt that will get paid off any time soon it will be nice to have extra $$ to save for fun things like Disney! I love to save extra change, it seriously adds up!

  7. I think that is a fabulous idea, and it certainly can be done! Over the course of 2 years, I squirreled away almost $4,000 to pay for my husband's surprise 40th birthday party... and I did it with change from the laundry, couch cushions and Rite Aid rebates... It can be done! :) Good luck!


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