Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Star Baseball

Nolan made the 8U All Star Baseball Team and for the past 2 months, that’s what our life has been!  We were at the baseball field 3 or 4 times a week for practice, plus games and a little travel here and there for tournaments.

I had a GREAT time watching this little 8U team battle through their season and enjoy the game while learning so much!  It’s really amazing to see how far they came through the little time they played together!

There was lots of pop fly practice….
june_2011 064
Some ground ball experience.
june_2011 060
A little bit of catching.  In 100 degree HEAT.
june_2011 068
june_2011 067
More than a few “at-bats”.
june_2011 077
june_2011 079
The whole team after a double-header in 100 degree heat one Saturday afternoon.  WHEW!  It was HOT!  The coaches had a big bucket full of ice water and the kids were just dipping rags in it to keep their heads cold. 
I have to tell you, we had some of the best, most well-behaved kids ever!  They were a real joy to watch!
june_2011 116
Nolan crossing home plate!
Sitting the bench waiting for his turn.
Coach Justin breaking it down for Nolan at third base.  Not sure what they’re strategizing, but it looks serious.  HA!
After their last game, their coach, Coach Troy (who I’m sure even when Nolan is 15 will still be called “Coach Troy”) gave out medals, awards, and baseball cards!
Nolan and his friend Trey!
What a fun two months it was.  I was sad to see it end!
Go AllStars!



  1. I love the picture of him from behind in his catcher's gear...so cute!! Can't wait till my boys (or boy, Way doesn't want to play) start playing ball!

  2. Okay, fess up, I thought you hated watching endless baseball games :) Just kidding, I know it's fun if your boys are playing!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun, but oh so hot! I love hot weather but would not enjoy it playing ball. I guess I am not as tough as those little ball players.


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