Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Grade Program

 The First Grade at N’s school had a program in late May (I know, this is a LATE post) and the theme was Oceans of Fun.

Nolan had a speaking part and also got to sing in the microphone!  All the kids did GREAT with their parts!

june_2011 014

june_2011 019

Nolan and his wonderful teacher, Mrs. W.  We were so blessed to have her this year!

june_2011 028

Nolan and his friend Trey, after the program.

june_2011 027

Each class was able to take center stage for one song.  What a wonderful way to show off the First Grade talent!



  1. I agree the program was great. The kids rocked it! Thanks for sharing. Great pic of Trey and Nolan. Can't wait to read an All-star blog.

  2. At least you're getting caught up, who cares if it's late!! I so love going to watch the end of the year programs, they're always fun!


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