Monday, January 9, 2012

More Christmas…

As part of our Christmas festivities, we celebrate Christmas with my in-laws and the hubs’ brother and his wife.  Next year, we’ll be adding one more little one!  (NO—I am NOT having a baby—my brother-in-law and his wife are expecting in March).  Unless someone out there can talk my hubby into adopting a little girl???

We always have a wonderful time opening gifts and then enjoy a delicious dinner together.  Mimi never disappoints when it comes to cooking the Christmas meal.

My brother-in-law and his wife bought the boys a tent this year—complete with sleeping bags and lanterns!  We haven’t used the tent yet (and by we, I mean the boys because we all know I do not camp).

christmas_2011 351 The boys were of course spoiled by their grandparents with all sorts of toys, clothes, movies, etc.

christmas_2011 354 christmas_2011 359

Since the boys are really getting into hunting Mimi and Granddaddy got them some camo to wear!

christmas_2011 375 christmas_2011 374Of course the adults were spoiled as well with clothing, gift cards, baskets, cookbooks, jewelry and all sorts of wonderful gifts!

What a wonderful way to celebrate the season!



  1. Camping stuff must have been THE gift this year...ha! Allie Claire got a lantern and sleeping bag too.

  2. They are such little hams, I love it!


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