Thursday, January 5, 2012

These Are The Special Times

My brother and I didn’t really get along growing up (there’s a shock).  Not many brothers and sisters do.  I have to say though, the older we got the better we got along and now we really enjoy each other’s company.

We’ve been to Disney together (once) and the beach together (for many years).  If you can do family vacations together and get out both alive and speaking then I figure you’ve got it made!  HA!

My brother and my nieces came over the Friday before Christmas and we had a wonderful time together!  It certainly helps that his girls and my boys get along SO WELL.  NEVER any arguments and it’s just fun and games when they are together.

We had a delicious meal of ham, macaroni n cheese, peas, deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, and dump cakes for dessert!  YUM. 

christmas_2011 318

After dinner, the kids were ready for some gift giving!christmas_2011 320

My boys received gift cards to the movie store and Subway (their FAVORITE).  When my brother asked me what to get them, those were the two ideas I gave him and I very plainly told him he would win “Uncle of the Year” award if he got them those gifts.  His response was “uncles of the year don’t buy movie store gift cards and subway gift cards”.  AHEM.  YES. THEY. DO.  I was right!  He did win Uncle of the Year!

christmas_2011 322

See?  TOTALLY ECSTATIC!! christmas_2011 324

My brother and I don’t exchange gifts, but I wanted to get him a little something this year.  He ended up with some Sonny’s gift cards and some razors.  You can’t beat that!
christmas_2011 329To end the night, the adults watched a movie and chatted while the kids played a little more and changed to pj’s.

christmas_2011 317 This was a great way to spend a Friday night!  Surrounded by my nieces, my brother, my dad, and my boys.


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