Monday, January 30, 2012

Organizing: Coupons & Coupon Binder

I am often asked how I organize my coupons and coupon binder.  Since some of your goals for the new year might have been to save money, etc. I thought I would show you my coupon binder and give a few tips.

This is my coupon binder.  It goes everywhere with me.  Mostly I keep my binder in my vehicle in case I decide to run to the grocery store on a whim (rarely) or for whatever reason.  I bring the binder in the house at the beginning of the week so I can clip my coupons and insert them into their proper place.

coupon 001

I have about 24 sections in my binder.  An example of my sections are frozen foods, breakfast foods, paper/plastics, baby, refrigerated, and first aid.  I printed my listing and all corresponding pages from The Krazy Coupon Lady website.

coupon 002

{The Krazy Coupon Lady website is also where I find most of my deals and where to buy things at the best price.  Why would I do all the work when it’s done for me?}

My coupons are organized within their section by coupon.  For example, if I have 4 of the same coupon, they are all in the same spot, and don’t take up 4 spots on the page.  I use baseball card holders as my coupon holders. 

coupon 003

I love to save money and couponing is one way to do so!  If you have any questions, just let me know!  I’m happy to share any information and answer any questions you have!

p.s.  Krazy Coupon Lady has no idea I even exist.  I’m not getting paid to advertise their website.  Trust me.



  1. I need to get back to being a little more organized with my coupons. Thanks for sharing.

  2. mkay let it be known that I seriously want to be a couponer (is that even a word?) but seriously every time I use them I end up walking away saving a whole $1.50. How in this world do people get grocery carts full of groceries for free?! I am doing something seriously wrong!! :)


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