Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tis the Season....

Guess what season we are gearing up for (literally) ???

We are getting signed up to play baseball (both boys!) and if that's not enough, the Varsity season has started and the hubby is helping with that too.

I will admit I thought I was looking forward to the season, but now I'm not so sure since I don't have help anymore in the evenings with dinner, laundry, BOYS, homework, homework, and more homework.  UGH.

Both my boys need new equipment this year ($$$) !  Nolan needs catchers gear and new cleats, as well as a new bat (maybe).  Carter needs new cleats, and a new glove.  Yikes.  I'm dreading the sporting goods store visit!  HA!
Are you gearing up for spring sports?


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  1. My oldest is 3, so I think we're going to try soccer. His little brother is 2, so thankfully, we haven't had to spend much on sports yet...but I'll be there soon enough!


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