Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Christmas to Remember

As I said in a previous post, we have a large family!  We have to do multiple Christmases to fit everything (and everyone) in.  This year, our Christmas gatherings consisted of my mother-in-law’s side of the family, our family of 4, my brother and his girls, and my in-laws along with my brother and sister in law.  WHEW!!  We had to miss one gathering this year, but look forward to attending it next year.

You’ll have to bear with me as I post about all these gatherings separately and then move on to birthdays and the New Year……I’m really far behind in blogging!  I took time though to enjoy the season and not let the stress get to me!  (I should confess that I’m officially under Dr’s orders to de-stress my life or have a heart attack before I’m 40).

I love Christmas!  I love everything about it! I love the decorations, the smells, the songs, the cooking, the planning, the gathering, the gifts, laughter, the tree, EVERYTHING.  I most enjoy knowing that it’s Jesus’ birthday and because of that we can REALLY enjoy the season.  I know a few people who don’t celebrate Santa at all, and that’s okay, but in my house, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday AND we celebrate with Santa.


I’ll go ahead and admit that when it comes to buying at Christmastime, my boys are SPOILED ROTTEN.  I prefer to think of it as blessed since they don’t necessarily ACT spoiled (most of the time)—AND because they have so many people buying gifts for them. 


This year, Nolan’s big gift was a new (REAL) gun.  He’d been asking for one for over a year, but we just weren’t ready to get him one yet, as he is a bit young (he’ll be 8 next week), but we PREACH gun safety around here and both the boys have grown up around guns and know how to handle one.  I caved and let the hubby get him the gun he so desperately wanted.

christmas_2011 444

christmas_2011 452 christmas_2011 446

Of course, little brother had to try out the new gun as well…don’t worry, it’s not loaded.

christmas_2011 450

Carter’s big gift this year was a new Nintendo DS and a bow and arrow set (not real).

christmas_2011 413

christmas_2011 394

However, the excitement he put forth over one of his smallest gifts (isn’t that how it always is?) was just precious.  Carter loves some Sonny’s sweet sauce, so I got him a bottle and wrapped it up!
christmas_2011 426 

christmas_2011 425

Cecil never asks for anything for Christmas, I always have to think of what to get him, which is SO HARD.  This year though, he was adamant that he wanted an iPod Touch.  So—that’s what he got!  Being the good wife that I am (ha-ha) I threw in $100 worth of iTunes gift cards too.

christmas_2011 438

His other gifts were more gift cards, work shirts, dress jeans, and a gift card to Disney so he can play golf on one of their courses (he’s been asking to do that too).

My BIG gift this year from the hubs was a NEW CAMERA!!  We had agreed long before Christmas that it just wasn’t in the budget for this year so BOY HOWDY was I surprised when I opened my new camera!
christmas_2011 420

Just ignore the awfulness of how I look….focus on the camera people.  ha!

Other favorite gifts were RockStar Mickey (don’t ask me why)

christmas_2011 405

and a Beyblade Stadium.

christmas_2011 404

I’d say we had the perfect Christmas!  And you know what?  I haven’t cleaned up yet. 



  1. Charon I am so happy you and your family had a great Christmas. I know what you mean about the stress factors, thus the reason my blog is way behind.

    Your boys are growing and they are very handsome.


  2. Aw looks like y'all had a very merry christmas!! My husband is the same way...never gives me a list! :)

  3. Charon, glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Missed seeing you at the cookie exchange this year. We need to do Christmas in July and our cookie club go out for dinner and fellowship:)

  4. Fun Christmas! I love the Sonny's sauce wrapped up!

  5. Spoiled rotten is the best way to be!! No doubt about it - looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas & your boys are too funny :)

  6. Dont give Charon grief about wrapping the Sonny's sauce, the girl will wrap a pack of gum and put if in your stocking. She makes Christmas fun for our family.


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