Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A SNAKE Encounter

Growing up in Florida, snakes were a natural part of our environment.  I can remember being taught about snakes beginning at a very young age.  In fact, to this day I still remember "red on yellow kill a fella, red on black, friend of Jack".  (the Coral Snake rhyme).

I'm not deathly afraid of snakes.  I'm not terrified of snakes.  I don't "like" them, but I know they are in our environment and inevitably, I'm going to "run" across one in my every day life because of where we live and such.  Most certainly though, I'll kill one in a New York minute if I run across it though.  HA!

We've tried to teach our boys snake safety (for lack of a better term).  We've taught them not to touch them, don't try to pick them up, call an adult if you see a snake, etc. etc.

Last Saturday afternoon, I was going out the back door and felt something hit my arm.  I happened to look down right about the same time a LONG snake was slithering off my arm and fell onto the back porch.  Oh yes my friends.  A snake had slithered up the door jam and fell on my arm when I opened the door.  I.Almost.Died.

Did I scream?  YES.  Did I drop what was in my hands?  NO.  Thankfully I had Carter home with me and he went out our other back door and got a "sword" and chopped the snake's head off.  I did at least have the wherewithall to take some photos of the snake so my husband believed me! HA!

The snake looked like it had a diamond pattern to me and it sort of did, but I wasn't about to start freaking out just yet.  Carter said it was an oak snake (but I think he may have been just guessing?).  It looked like some sort of rattler to me.  Here's a photo (taken through the door of course).

Anyhow, Carter to the rescue and he was SO proud that he helped Mama get rid of the snake.  Yes, that would be a sword he's holding.  Yes, he's supervised when using it.  Don't judge.

I did get some good pictures of the snake with my good camera, but I haven't cleared the camera card yet, so these photos will have to do.  Hubby got home and thought it MIGHT have been a Pygmy Rattler, but after looking at the snake and the pictures, decided it was in fact an Oak Snake.

I'd say it's a dead snake now.


  1. I despise snakes! I can't even stand to drive past one in the road! Gives me the chills!!! But, I had to share with you what happened to my Mom when we lived in Morriston. One morning, we were all having a "family meeting" in the kitchen, or so it seems now thinking back to how many people were standing around the big kitchen... and Mom goes to walk out the kitchen door. She opens the regular door, then pushes the screen door open (which never seems to close all the way, so it left a little ledge up there)... and all of a sudden, she is jumping up and down banging herself on the head and running in place. A snake had been lounging up there on the ledge and when she opened the door, it landed on her head! And, we ALL saw it!!!!!! I'm not sure I ever used that door again!

  2. I.would.have.died.right.there.


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