Sunday, June 23, 2013

Menu & Weekend

Our weekend was FULL !  Our youngest had a baseball tournament that started last Thursday night!  They played SO WELL and came in 2nd !   Baseball games took us through the entire weekend.

I piddled around the house Saturday afternoon and evening  doing laundry, cleaning, etc.

We grabbed a few groceries this evening and now I'm ready for this week, which will prove to be just as busy since we don't have a babysitter for 2 days (I guess the boys will be with hubby) and the boys have dentist and orthodontist appointments on Wednesday.  WHEW!

We did get a few housekeeping items done this afternoon such as cleaning out my truck, photo editing, bill paying, cleaning, laundry, etc.

On our menu for the week is:

Monday - snacks for dinner (a summer tradition in my family) and salad
Tuesday - pork chops, squash, okra, tomato and cucumber salad
Wednesday - roast, potatoes, and carrots (maybe some rice for me instead of potatoes?)
Thursday - chicken and yellow rice?  something with chicken
Friday - leftovers

What's on your menu for the week?

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  1. You guys sure have been busy! Our meal planning has kinda gone out the window for summer. We never know when baby girl is eating with us and when she is not (well, at least not until the last minute). We just got back in town, so a trip to the Farmer's Market is in order!


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