Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Organizing Files

I was reading a blog this morning about organizing files and it made me think that mine REALLY need to be cleaned out AND reorganized!  This is probably something that I need to do each January but really, I'm happy to find the time to get it done at all, much less in January! HA!

I've talked before about "tax time" at our house and what it looks like and really, if all those papers were better organized, maybe I could get done faster!

Many of you know we are using the Dave Ramsey method to become debt-free and I've talked a LITTLE bit on my blog about it.  I came across Dave's method of organizing important documents this morning while reading.

I'm thinking my goal for this summer (as in June/July) will be to reorganize my files and see what I can purge, keep, and make an overall better system.

Are your files organized?  What system do you use?  I'd love to hear you opinions on how your files are organized!

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