Friday, June 28, 2013

Baseball 2013

It's no secret this Mama LOVES some baseball !  I love to watch my boys play it and I like to watch college baseball live (and on TV).

This year, my boys were on separate teams (Nolan moved up a level and Carter stayed at the 8U level) which caused a little stress for me because I wasn't able to go to all of their games, etc.  Hubby and I had to split and go separate ways to games.  The good thing is that hubby coached Carter's team so at least both boys had one parent at each game!  Whew!

 They do let the kids play with sunglasses on, even at this age, because the sun is SO bright!!!
 Nolan's sweet teacher came to see him and several of his friends play because they were all on the same team! 
 Carter getting ready to field a ball !
 He is SOME kind of serious about this game we call baseball !

 Some of my favorite pictures are the action shots!

 Swing !!!

There is hardly anything better than watching a good game of baseball !  Go team go!

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  1. What fun! My younger brother played growing up. Great pictures.


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