Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Goals

I planned to call this post "June Goals" and then I realized it's like June 24 so I knew nothing on my goals list would get done by Friday. HA!  I figured I'd be better off calling it Summer Goals so as to give myself some serious time to get them accomplished!

There are a few projects I've wanted to get done for quite some time and summer just seems like the right time to get them done.

I am SO fortunate in that I have an employer who lets me take one day per week off during the summer.  I have done this for years and it's truly the sunshine in my life.  I know in 10 or 15 years I'll look back and be SO happy that I took the time to spend at least one day a week during the summer with my boys.  Since I HAVE to work and I can't work from home, this is just how it has to be for now.  I go in REALLY early (6am) so that I am off work by 3:00 each day so I still get lots of afternoon hours with the boys as well.

This summer, I'd like to:
  • Clean out the kids' closets and dresser drawers!
  • Make a list of what the boys need for school clothing
  • Get a window treatment of some type for my HUGE living room window
  • Order a new calendar (HELLO ERIN CONDREN)
  • Make a housecleaning worksheet to see if it would help break up my tasks
  • Clean out my medicine cabinet
  • Clean out the make up and misc drawer in the master bathroom 
  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer(s)
  • If possible, clean out the shed!
 Hopefully soon I'll get at least a few of these done and I can blog about them!

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  1. What a blessing to have an employer who will let you take one day a week. I know the boys love having mom around! Not sure if you have ever read Ashli's blog (Mini Manor), but she has some great cleaning/scheduling tips on her blog.


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